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  • Main natural attractions such as the waterfall and rainforest, offers facilities such as picnic gazebos, children's playground, bridges and pathways
    Lenggeng Forest Reserve, Negeri Sembilan>> Visit
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Kuala Terengganu Free & Easy 4 Hours Half Day Tour (Return)

Kuala Terengganu Free & Easy 4 Hours Half Day Tour (Return)
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-Pick-up & drop-off locations : Kuala Terengganu, Sultan Mahmud Airport

-Pick-up time available from 0600am - 0900am; 1000am - 0100pm

-Recommended tourist spots : Masjid Tengku Tengah Zaharah, Terengganu State Museum (Muzium Negeri Terengganu), Islamic Civilisation Park (Taman Tamadun Islam), Kuala Terengganu China Town, Maziah Palace (Istana Maziah), etc

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Kuala Terengganu Free & Easy 4 Hours Half Day Tour (Return)

-Pick-up & drop-off locations : Kuala Terengganu, Sultan Mahmud Airport

-Pick-up time available from 0600am - 0900am; 1000am - 0100pm

-Recommended tourist spots : Masjid Tengku Tengah Zaharah, Terengganu State Museum (Muzium Negeri Terengganu), Islamic Civilisation Park (Taman Tamadun Islam), Kuala Terengganu China Town, Maziah Palace (Istana Maziah), Pasar Besar kedai Payang, Bukit Puteri, Batu Buruk Beach (Pantai Batu Buruk), Kuala Terengganu Waterfront, Abidin Mosque (Masjid Abidin), Kelulut Beach (Pantai Kelulut), Jenang Village (Kampung Jenang), Medan Maziah, Malaysian Handicraft Centre, Kota Lama Duyung, Pura Tanjung Sabtu, Marang River Cruise, Chendering Beach (Pantai Chendering), Kapas Island (Pulau Kapas), Gemia Island (Pulau Gemia)


The Floating Mosque or Tengku Tengah Zaharah is the first real floating mosque in Malaysia. It is situated in Kuala Ibai Lagoon near the estuary of Kuala Ibai River, 4 km from Kuala Terengganu Town. The mosque combines modern and Moorish architecture; incorporating the use of marble, ceramics, mosaic works and bomanite paving
Masjid Tengku Tengah Zaharah

Acclaimed as the largest of its kind in Malaysia, the Terengganu State Museum houses century old artifacts and artworks of rich and colourful heritage. The complex’s many galleries showcase textiles, historical artifacts, crafts, royal regalia, Islamic arts, contemporary arts, weapons, petroleum development, historical, sea faring trade, fisheries and marine galleries
Terengganu State Museum

The Islamic Heritage Park or Taman Tamadun Islam is a famous attraction in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia. This park is located at the island of Wan Man
Taman Tamadun Islam

Kuala Terengganu Chinatown or Kampung Cina is a tourist spot that offers aged buildings and structures that go back more than 200 years
China Town

Istana Maziah is the official palace of the Sultan of Terengganu. It is located at the foot of Bukit Puteri in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia. The palace is the official venue for important functions such as royal birthdays, weddings, conferment of titles and receptions for local and foreign dignitaries
Istana Maziah

Easily the most popular tourist spot in Kuala Terengganu, Pasar Payang is located beside the Terengganu River. You can find everything local and exotic in this massive market housed in modern building complete with a shopping arcade and car park
Pasar Payang

Bukit Puteri is a 208-metre hill that is rich in history. Situated next to the famous Istana Maziah, the hill’s name literally means The Princess Hill and offers panaromic view of the Terengganu River. It was formerly a fortress between 1831 and 1876. Bukit Puteri is accessible by an escalator next to the new Waterfront Heritage Bazaar
Bukit Puteri

Pulau Kapas is indeed an ideal family retreat. Resorts and budget chalets dotted the beachfront providing facilities for visitors. Swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving in crystal clear waters are recommended or indulge in fishing, squid fishing, jungle trekking and canoeing
Pulau Kapas

Pulau Gemia is a self contained island of superb natural beauty, perfect for your private holiday, whether you are looking for fun and adventure, or rest and relaxation. It is a privately-owned island 800 metres next to Pulau Kapas. White sandy beaches interspersed with rock formations, crystal clear waters, spectacular underwater seascape of corals and marine life as some of its natural assets
Pulau Gemia

The recreation park is a preferred place for weekend holiday retreats in Kuala Terengganu. Feel the cool breeze while strolling on the wide stretch of sandy beach overlooking South China Sea. A children’s playground, horse riding activities, jogging tracks, resting areas, toilets, eating stalls and performance stage are available
Pantai Batu Buruk

This is one of the recent landmarks in Kuala Terengganu developed with a garden concept in mind, the waterfront is beautifully landscaped overlooking the Terengganu River. Adding to the comfort and convenience are ample parking spaces, food stalls, performance stage, children playground, toilet facilities and river cruise jetty
Kuala Terengganu Waterfront

Masjid Abidin is Terengganu's old state royal mosque built by Sultan Zainal Abidin II between 1793 and 1808. The mosque is also known as the White Mosque or the Big Mosque. The old Royal Mausoleum is situated near the mosque
Masjid Abidin Kuala Terengganu

The beach is sandy and is suitable for swimming. Visitors will be captivated with its beauty and tranquility. The beach has its own natural beauty such as its picturesque scenery, coconut trees, and will be treated to fresh breezes.Here too you will find attractive wooden traditional villages
Kelulut Beach (Pantai Kelulut)

Jenang village located approximately 12 kilometres from Bandar Marang or also 30 kilometres from Bandar Kuala Terengganu is one of traditional village in Jerong district
Jenang Village (Kampong Jenang)

Laman Maziah was originally a part of the Istana Maziah’s compound. A sizeable had been turned into a beautiful landscaped garden
Medan Maziah

A must visit for handicraft enthusiast; the Handicraft Centre boasts diverse wares that Terengganu is famous for and offers an insight into various craft making. From hand woven baskets to pandanus (mengkuang or screw pine leaves) mat weaving, from wood carvings to songket weaving, brassware as well as the exquisite hand drawn and block imprints, everything is all here. Each creation, unique with the unmistakable feel of Terengganu, are done meticulously with skills passed from one generation to the next thus retaining its originality
Malaysian Handicraft Centre

This building of historical significance is located on Pulau Duyong Kecil. It is an architecture wonder built in the 1920’s. While most of the local abodes are normal wooden traditional houses, Kota Lama Duyung was constructed with bricks and wood, based largely on the traditional Malays elements, with a hint of British influence, a burgeoning Islamic consideration. The fortified house is regarded as an architecture wonder of Terengganu was restored as one of the unique attraction and has been transformed into a live museum displaying local artifacts and the historical development of Islam in Terengganu
Kota Lama Duyung

This complex houses several traditional Terengganu houses and palaces of up to 200 years old. It offers a homestay for guests to experience living in a traditional Terengganu house. It is about 10 minutes by road from Kuala Terengganu. Pura Tanjung Sabtu is located on 14 acres of lawns, gardens and fruit orchards, a family inheritance.
Pura Tanjung Sabtu

Cruise up the Marang River to witness the traditional lifestyle of the villagers. The boat trips stop at the Jenang village where you can witness the thriving cottage industries such as coconut palm sugar making, traditional attap weaving and trained monkeys plucking coconuts. Along the unpolluted mangrove swamp river, you will be greeted by wild animals like monitor lizards, monkey, crabs, colorful birds, eagles and sometimes, otters
Marang River Cruise

It is suitable for all types of recreational activities. Being among the preferred weekend gateway by locals, its coved and long stretch of beach is ideal for bathing especially during low tide but extra cautions not to go in too deep into the water. There might be strong under current lurking underneath the slow waves that you need to avoid
Chendering Beach (Pantai Chendering / Pantai Pandak)



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