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  • The site of the earliest Chinese settlements in Sibu, Sungai Merah (Red River) is an old bazaar about 10 minutes by road from the town centre. The area has recently been restored and landscaped, with a pleasant walking trail along the river front
    Sungai Merah Heritage Walk, Sarawak>> Visit
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Kuala Lumpur - Kota Bharu / Tumpat / Pasir Mas / Bachok (Kelantan) 3 Days 2 Nights Free & Easy Tour (Return)

Kuala Lumpur - Kota Bharu / Tumpat / Pasir Mas / Bachok (Kelantan) 3 Days 2 Nights Free & Easy Tour (Return)
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-Pick-up & Drop-off Locations : Klang Valley Hotels, KLCC, KL Sentral, KLIA, KLIA2, LCCT, Subang Skypark

-Pick-up time available from 0600am - 0900am

-Recommended Tourist Spots : Kelantan State Museum, Siti Khadijah Market (Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah), Istana Balai Besar, Tokong Mek Temple, Masjid Muhammadi, Istana Batu Royal Museum, Muzium Islam (Dewan Syura), War Museum, Istana Jahar, etc

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Kuala Lumpur - Kota Bharu / Tumpat / Pasir Mas / Bachok (Kelantan) 3 Days 2 Nights Free & Easy Tour (Return)

-Pick-up & Drop-off Locations : Klang Valley Hotels, KLCC, KL Sentral, KLIA, KLIA2, LCCT, Subang Skypark

-Pick-up time available from 0600am - 0900am

-Daily itinerary start at 0800am and end at 0600pm

-Recommended Tourist Spots :

(Kota Bharu) : Kelantan State Museum, Siti Khadijah Market (Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah), Istana Balai Besar, Tokong Mek Temple, Masjid Muhammadi, Istana Batu Royal Museum, Muzium Islam (Dewan Syura), War Museum, Istana Jahar, Masjid Ar-Rahman / Masjid Lama Mulong, Handicraft Village and Craft Museum, World War I Memorial Padang Merdeka, Observation Tower (Menara Tinjau Tambatan Diraja), Independence Field, Bazar Buluh Kubu / Bazar Batik, Kampung Laut Mosque, Wakaf Che Yeh, Cik Siti Wan Kembang Mausoleum, Bazar Tok Guru, Taman Perbandaran Tengku Anis, Sabak Beach (Pantai Dasar Sabak), Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Mek Mas Beach (Pantai Mek Mas)

(Tumpat) : Wat Phothivihan, Wat Pracacinaram, Wat Pikulthong, Wat Machimmaram, Wat Prachumthat Canaram, Wat Phikulyai, Tengku Anis Info Gallery (Galeri Tengku Anis), Wakaf Bharu Market (Pasar Pagi Jumaat Wakaf Bharu), Kelantan Kite Museum (Muzium Wau Kelantan), Tok Janggut Mausoleum (Makam Tok Janggut), Wat Kok Seraya, Suluk Tok Selehor, Wat Mai Suwankhiri, Wat Cheng Buddhavas, Bukit Tanah Palace (Istana Bukit Tanah), Tumpat Lighthouse (Rumah Api Isyarat Tumpat), Bijih Jubakar Beach Bridge (Jambatan Bijih Jubakar Pantai), Pengkalan Kubor, Air Mini Theme Park (Taman Air Mini), Pantai Seri Tujuh

(Pasir Mas) : Serakai Mas Plaza (Plaza Serangkai Mas), Dataran Air Muleh Pasir Mas, Pasir Mas Mosque (Masjid Bandar Pasir Mas), Tengku Anis Recreational Park, Danau To' Uban Lake (Tasik Danau To Uban), Rantau Panjang, Masjid Beijing, Kwong Lake (Tasik Kwong)

(Bachok) : Wat Phothikyan Phutthakthan, Samnak Song Viriyak Sangworn, Pantai Irama, Kemayang Beach (Pantai Kemayang), Pengkalan Petah Beach (Pantai Pengkalan Petah)


Kota Bharu tourist spots

Siti Khadijah Central Market, or Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah, is the biggest market in Kota Bharu
Siti Khadijah Market

One of the best places to find quality handicrafts from Kelantan, which include batik, silverware and wood carvings
>Handicraft Village & Craft Museum

This memorial of the Second World War known as Bank Kerapu, houses an interesting display of photos, articles and artefacts of the Second World War
War Museum

Built in 1855, The Istana Jahar (Museum of Royal Kelantanese Traditions) was a royal residence in Kota Bharu in Malaysia. The palace has a pentagon-shaped porte-cochere with the first floor balcony from which members of the royal family could watch ceremonies held in front of the palace. Today, the palace houses the Museum of Royal Traditions and Customs of Kelantan
Istana Jahar

Built in 1840 on the orders of Sultan Mohamed II, the Istana Balai Besar replaces the old palace, Istana Kota Lama on the Sungai Kelantan (Kelantan River)
Istana Balai Besar / Grand Palace

The Islamic Museum exhibits Islamic arts and crafts as well as pictures of some of Nabi Muhammad's (Prophet Mohammad) personal belongings. The museum also documents the history of Islam in Kelantan and the influence of Islam in the building of the state
Kelantan Islamic Museum

The mosque was named Muhammadi Mosque, after the late Sultan Muhammad IV who dedicated his life fully to the state of Kelantan. Muhammadi Mosque is located next to the Syura Hall, along Jalan Sultanah Zainab in Kota Bharu
Muhammadi Mosque / State Mosque

The temple at Kampong China, the community called it Tokong Mek Temple, built in 1804
Tokong Mek Temple

Merdeka Square is an open public area in Kota Bharu. Also known as the Independence Field, it was the site where the independence of Malaya was declared on 31 August, 1957
Independence Field

This beach was formerly known as Pantai Cinta Berahi. With a long, wide and sandy beach, it is a popular spot for local family outings especially during weekends. The beach is well-developed for visitors' convenience, with a resort hotel, chalets, restaurants, food stalls, a camping ground, public restrooms and changing rooms
Pantai Cahaya Bulan

Also known as Istana Batu, this historical building is treasured by anyone who is interested to learn about the Kelantan royal family's history and lineage. The collections inside the museum provide visitors with an insight to the life of the Kelantan royal family
Royal Museum

The Kelantan State Museum help you to understand more about the history and cultural heritage of Kelantan. Kelantan’s arts, crafts and musical traditions are displayed and exhibited in this museum.
Kelantan State Museum

Kampung Laut Mosque is the oldest surviving mosque in Malaysia dating to early 18th century. Masjid Kampung Laut was built in the 1400s by a group of fishers consisting Pattani, Jawa and Brunei sea routers. It was build with a with architectural styles that reflect most of the characteristics of traditional local architecture, and suitable to local climate, just like the local houses around the area
Kampung Laut Mosque

Wakaf Che Yeh is open all the time, each time for a different purpose. In the early morning it is a wholesale market; in the late morning it becomes a wet market and after the sun sets it transforms into a night market.Watch the bargaining in action and the shopkeepers loudly promoting their goods at the same time chatting with each other merrily
Wakaf Che Yeh

Visiting this three-storey shopping complex is a must for those who love shopping and collecting handicrafts. Here, visitors can purchase handicrafts such as handmade shoes, replica miniature musical instruments, colourful kites (wau), bags, beautiful pewter, accessories and many other types of goods. The reasonable prices here make this bazaar very popular among the local population as well as foreign travelers
Bazar Buluh Kubu / Bazar Batik

Not like Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Pantai Mek Mas is more secluded and less developed due to its out-of-the-way location. But its virgin beaches are a sure fire attraction for tourists in the future
Mek Mas Beach (Pantai Mek Mas)

Tengku Anis Municipal Park (Taman Perbandaran Tengku Anis) located about 5km from the city of Kota Bharu towards Pengkalan Chepa
Taman Perbandaran Tengku Anis

Bazar Tok Guru (BTG) is the newest shopping complex in the city of Kota Bharu
Bazar Tok Guru

This new 150 meters of observation tower offers a 360 degree of visibility bird’s-eye view of Kota Bharu town and the long stretch of Kelantan river
Observation Tower (Menara Tinjau Tambatan Diraja)

Covering the coastline from Kuala Pak Amat to Pantai Dasar Sabak, Sabak Beach has its own historical significance due to the landing of Japanese soldiers during World War II
Sabak Beach (Pantai Dasar Sabak)

Masjid Lama Mulong or known as Masjid Ar-Rahman by the local residents are one of the local heritage buildings. The building was formerly a madrasa or Islamic studies center for residents around the Mulong area in Kelantan
Masjid Ar-Rahman / Masjid Lama Mulong

Is a historic landmark in Kota Bharu. Field was originally named Padang Bank and it was given the name Padang Merdeka in conjunction with the National independence was achieved in 1957. Visitors will be able to see the World War I Memorial which give appreciation to local heroes who have died.
World War I Memorial Padang Merdeka

The Cik Siti Wan Kembang Mausoleum islocated in Kampung Banggol, Jalan Pantai Cahaya Bulan (PCB). It is located only 2 kilometers from Jalan Pantai Cahaya Bulan. It enjoys the shade of a very old tree, surrounded by a Muslim graveyard
Cik Siti Wan Kembang Mausoleum

Tumpat tourist spots

Wat Photivihan is a Buddhist temple located in the district of Tumpat, in Malaysia. The temple houses a 40-metre statue of a sleeping Buddha, which is the longest of its kind in Southeast Asia
Wat Phothivihan

Wat Pracacinaram also known as Wat Kampung Kulim, is located at Kampung Kulim, Wakaf Bharu. It is the nearest siamese Temple to Kota Bharu town. The temple also provide Sauna facilities to all using herbal therapy. They have different rooms and lockers for different sexes and payment is by donations
Wat Pracacinaram

Wat Phikulthong located in Kampung Terbok, Tumpat. There is a golden stature of standing Buddha inside the temple
Wat Phikulthong

Wat Machimmaran is another popular buddhist temple in Tumpat. It has a very large sitting buddha statue measuring 30 m high and 18 m wide. It was built in about 1990 and completed in 2000
Wat Machimmaran

Another Thai Buddhist Temple located at Jobokar, Tumpat
Wat Prachumthat Canaram

Wat Phikulyai is just located a short distance drive from Wat Machimaram, approximately 50 meters away and is situated on the left side. You will see the large compound of this ancient temple Wat Phikulyai as you are driving on the main road
Wat Phikulyai

Wakaf Bharu Market is the biggest and busiest market in Tumpat. The market has once received an award for being the best market in Kelantan. A wide variety of items are sold here and it is open from morning to late afternoon
Wakaf Bharu Market (Pasar Pagi Jumaat Wakaf Bharu)

Also called Info Galeri Sungai Golok Tengku Anis, showcasing the development of Sungai Golok, between Malaysia & Thailand
Tengku Anis Info Gallery (Galeri Tengku Anis)

First kite museum in Pantai Sri Tujuh is an information and reference centre on the craft's worldwide history and development. the museum will display various types of kites from around the world and how it has progressed for the public and future generations to see
Kelantan Kite Museum (Muzium Wau Kelantan)

Tok Janggut @ Haji Mat Hassan bin Munas was born in 1853, a Malay warrior who opposed British rule in Kelantan in 1909. He was killed in a battle on May 24th 1915, and his remains were laid to rest near Sungai Kelantan, near a village now known as Kampung Tok Janggut, Pasir Pekan
Tok Janggut Mausoleum (Makam Tok Janggut)

The place of prayer and worship for a Wali known as Tok Selehor, or his real name Abd. Rahman bin Othman. It's located in the Kok Pasir cemetery and is in fact, in the shape of a grave. The suluk or subterranean hut was built late in the nineteenth century. He also built a madrasah where children came to learn. Tok Selehor was a very pious man, and he always feared that he would one day become arrogant and boastful. The suluk was meant as a reminder to him, that all of us will one day return to our Creator
Suluk Tok Selehor

It is built of brick in the usual form of lighthouses we are accustomed to seeing. It has a circumference of 37 feets 9 inches and stands 70 feets into the air. A spiral staircase inside allowed the watchman access to the light at the top. Locals say it was built circa the Second World War, by marines stationed in Tumpat
Tumpat Lighthouse (Rumah Api Isyarat Tumpat)

The bridge is located near the beach in Kampung Jubakar in the Territory of Tumpat. It was built by the British before the war, for the purpose of easing the ferrying of steel deposits from the mines, to waiting ships at the port. The steel mine was run by a Japanese company, Oriental Mining Co., in the aptly named Bukit Besi, Temangan. It was here that the steel shipments began their journey via Tumpat, all the way back to Japan
Bijih Jubakar Beach Bridge (Jambatan Bijih Jubakar Pantai)

Only for children below 12 years old
Air Mini Theme Park (Taman Air Mini)

The only royal palace located in the Territory of Tumpat. It's understood that the structure was built long before the Japanese Occupation, about 1910, during the rule of Sultan Ismail Ibni Almarhum Sultan Muhammad IV. The palace was once known particularly for one tree here, named Pokok Kelumpang, which is said to have grown so tall that it could be seen from the nearby beach, which opened up to the South China Sea
Bukit Tanah Palace (Istana Bukit Tanah)

Pengkalan Kubor is a Malaysian border town on the Malaysia-Thailand border in the state of Kelantan. At the Pengkalan Kubor Town has a tax-free area selling goods, mainly clothes, footwear and kitchenware at very reasonable prices which attracts many tourists
Pengkalan Kubor

Wat Mai Suwankhiri is also a popular buddhist temple in Tumpat. The original temple is believe to be built in the 16th century. This Wat has a big buddha statue standing on top of its main building. The important structure in Wat Mai Suwankhiri is the Dragon Boat / Ketik Perahu Naga which has a shrine with a few buddha statues inside
Wat Mai Suwankhiri

The temple is easily accessible and known by almost everybody in Tumpat as the name of the temple is obtained from the name of village Kok Seraya. This Temple houses a standing female buddha( Goddess of Mercy – Kuan Yin)
Wat Kok Seraya

This is mainly a chinese temple with a big statue of Tua Pek Kong and a big statue of Thai Sung Lau Kun, kampung house and a small cemetery area near its entrance
Wat Cheng Buddhavas

Pantai Seri Tujuh (Beach of Seven Lagoons) is the venue for Annual Malaysian International Kite Festival which held in Kelantan every year. This beach lies on the border of Thailand and Kelantan at Kampung Tujuh in Tumpat. This pristine beach is sheltered by the longest lagoon in Malaysia
Pantai Seri Tujuh

Pasir Mas tourist spots

Serakai Mas Plaza is a shopping mall where you will be able to shop for clothes, furniture, telecommunications devices, and books and other information media. Located right in the heart of Pasir Mas town, Serakai Emas Plaza acts as the unofficial reception area for visitors to Pasir Mas District
Serakai Mas Plaza (Plaza Serangkai Mas)

Dataran Air Muleh, Pasir Mas was built in 1989, and is a symbol of the hard work and toil of the Pasir Mas District Council personnel who built it . The square is located on the bank of Sungai Kelantan, and is both a tourist attraction and recreational area for residents during the evenings and weekends. Here you will find a restaurant, public restroom, children’s playground, beautiful landscaping and a monument with the names of local Quran scholars
Dataran Air Muleh Pasir Mas

Located just 1 kilometer from Pasir Mas town, it is an everlasting symbol of the mosque institution in the district. The maghrib classes and lectures held at dusk each day are delivered and facilitated by revered religious teachers and clerics both homegrown and from outside the district
Pasir Mas Mosque (Masjid Bandar Pasir Mas)

The Tengku Anis Recreational Park is located on a four acre site at Kilometer 10 of the Pasir Mas – Rantau Panjang Road. The Tengku Anis Recreational Park provides visitors with a surau, restroom, joggers track, rest area, park benches and children’s playground. Located nearby are stalls which serve Thai-style cuisine
Tengku Anis Recreational Park (Taman Rekreasi Tengku Anis)

Danau To' Uban in Kampung To’ Uban in the Pasir Mas district, is an interesting tourist destination. Located almost 20 kilometers from Pasir Mas town, the lake provides gorgeous views of luscious greenery, creating sense of tranquility for visitors looking for some peace and quiet, along with activities like camping and picnicking with the family
Danau To' Uban Lake (Tasik Danau To Uban)

Tasik Kwong is situated in Bukit Kwong area about 20 kilometres from Rantau Panjang Town. The lake, with a panoramic landscape is mesmerizing and most suitable to those who yearn for a peaceful atmosphere. It is also a good destination for family picnic. Water sports such as jet-ski, kayaking and swimming are very suitable activities here. Other than this, the lake is a favourite among fishing enthusiasts who love to land various species of freshwater fish
Kwong Lake (Tasik Kwong)

The mosque, known locally as the Beijing Mosque, has a unique design that combines Chinese and Islamic architecture. Indian and Uzbek features are also incorporated in the interiors
Beijing Mosque / Masjid Jubli Perak Sultan Ismail Petra

Duty-free Shopping in Rantau Panjang. One of the must visit place near Kota Bahru is the border town of Rantau Panjang
Rantau Panjang Duty Free Zone

Bachok tourist spots

Wat Phothikyan Phutthakthan is located at Kampung Balai, Bachok. It is also known as Wat Dua Naga. The temple is surrounded by two dragons (Longest twin dragons fence in Southeast Asia, 598 metres long) and 32 metres stature of standing Buddha highest in Southeast Asia
Wat Phothikyan Phutthakthan

Located in Kampung Balai, Bachok. Kuan Yin statue hauled before to South China Sea
Samnak Song Viriyak Sangworn

Pantai Irama (Beach of Melody) is famous for its gently sloping beach that extends far into the clear blue water of the South China Sea. It has been said that Pantai Irama is Kelantan's most beautiful beach. Pantai Irama (Beach of Melody) has good visitor facilities, including motels, camping grounds, restaurants where you can dine on sumptuous local dishes, public restrooms as well as boats for hire
Pantai Irama

Pengkalan Petah beach is a major fish landing jetty of Daerah Bachok. Located in Daerah Perupok and adjacent to Pantai Kemayang. This beach has built to overcome active erosion problem hit Pantai Bachok'. This coast often visited to gain fresh and cheap seafood products supply
Pengkalan Petah Beach (Pantai Pengkalan Petah)

Kemayang Beach located in Mukim Kemasin. Having fairly good infrastructure such as public toilet, surau and also stalls which sells various goods food like seafood & snacks.
Kemayang Beach (Pantai Kemayang)

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