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  • Desa Ukiran Kayu is located in Kampong Raja, Besut. It occupied a small area with the three blocks of traditional Malay houses. They produce wall panel, special chair and table, ceiling panel, screen or partition, solid door, decorative railing, calligraphy, furniture, traditional weapons etc
    Desa Ukiran Kayu ( Duk ) Istana Tengku Long, Terengganu>> Visit
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Sibu (Lat.:2.288476,Lng.:111.826401)


Sibu is a town in Sarawak, East Malaysia. Garden City to be, this is a quiet town along Rejang River. Sibu is one of the three towns in Malaysia which consists of a predominantly Foochow-Chinese population (Yong Peng in Johor and Sitiawan in Perak are the others).

Get in
By plane
Sibu Airport (SBW), is connected with Peninsular Malaysia with frequent flights from Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru on Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia. The airport is also connected to all major destinations in Malaysian Borneo, including Kuching and Kota Kinabalu.

From the airport, you may purchase a taxi coupon to downtown Sibu. There is NO bus services connecting Sibu town and the airport.

By bus
To/From other Sarawak cities: Numerous bus companies link Miri with other Sarawak cities such as Kuching, Miri,Mukah,Sarikei and Bintulu. Most express buses arrives at the long distance bus terminal which is located in Jalan Pahlawan. Buses from Sarikei arrives at the short distance bus terminal downtown (near the express boat terminal). From Jalan Pahlawan bus terminal, you can catch taxi or local buses, mostly Lanang Bus(non-air conditioning) with affordable fee to take you downtown.

By sea / river
To/from Kuching: Daily express boats connect Sibu and Kuching via Sarikei and Tanjung Manis.

To/from Kapit: Sibu is the entry point of the upper Rajang, and there are express boats services(4 times daily). Some boats will transit at Song, a small town before Kapit.

Get around
By bus
Head over to the short distance bus terminal, near the Central Market and express boat terminal. There is an inquiry counter there, and you may ask for directions. The buses however are non-air conditioning buses.

By taxi
Most taxis here are not metered. Taxis can be difficult to book during holiday periods.

On foot
Downtown Sibu is a very compact area, so it is discoverable by walking too.

Food, Shopping & Information
  1. Visit the local Sibu Central Market. Local products can be found extensively such as local olives, exotic fruits and vegetables as well as some handicraft.
  2. Do not miss out on the action in Sibu Night Market in the evening till midnight every day. You can get anything here. From delicious Chinese food, Malay delicacies and bargain for attire. It is said that the night market in Sibu is the liveliest in Sarawak.
  3. A must go for eating is the nightmarket. Its got a huge selection of different local foods and drinks at good prices.

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